DOD IT SOLUTIONS is a curated hub for affordable and quality PHP ReadyMade Clone Scripts with Websites and Mobile Applications. We create an avenue for you to thrive in the target market you’ve chosen whether small, medium, or large enterprises. While we put your interest in mind, we have created a platform for you to bring your Ready-Made Clone Scripts with Website and Mobile Applications into reality. We have customized all you need to explore for you through our continual research and innovative ideas to assist you with Website cloning services. As a leading IT Solution company, we understand the trends and how technology is taking over. So we are willing to give you our services which comes with an easy-to-use Clone Scripts that can also be customized to suit your business needs. In the world of Ready Made Scripts, we have an edge towards technology, and we are willing to include your success stories too.

Our Team

Each member of the team is a live-wire in the field. We select our team who is not only an expert in their areas and well equipped with the latest changes, updates in technology but whose wavelength really matches with the objectives of the firm and clients. The team members have a lot of experience and expertise in numerous projects and which make sure the project is developed and delivered in consensus with your expectations and imaginations. You will really feels the difference, once you get in touch with us, from starting from the incubation until the delivery and deployment of your project.

Our Vision and Mission

Our primary goal is to delivers projects to our valuable customers at optimal costs without compromising the quality of the work. We have standardized quality assurance procedures, for each project, carried out by our dedicated Quality Assurance team, at each stage of the project developments.

Fastest Delivery

Normally we deliver the source code within one day in Business Days, a maximum of 24 hours will take to get the source files.

Clients We’ve Worked So Far

Over the years, DOD IT Solutions have had the pleasure of working with some world-class enterprises, brands, and entrepreneurs. In the course of providing solutions to their business needs, we’ve been able to fulfill their orders, resolve issues related to Website Clones, provide Support to their technical problems. The diversity of clients we’ve worked with have given us the experience we need to have in varieties of industries, thereby providing them wide-range opportunities to pick from. And this quality service is why we have in our portfolio return of repeated buyers, and we won’t stop giving out our best..