Ticket New Clone | Website Scripts

Technology Used
 PHP Language
 Core PHP Framework
 MySQL Database
 Server: Any Linux Server.
Modules Included
 Book My Show
 Panels included for the above: User, Affiliate User, Admin, Theatre Admin, Counter Admin, Guest
User, Wallet User, Agent, Super Admin, and Multi-Admin.
Book My Show options
ADVANCED options
• picture show management
• Events management
• Location management
• News management
• Schedule management
• Movie, Cinema and Events Booking
• Counter booking and on-line booking
• Advance Theatre management
• category management
• Show management
UNIQUE options
• Log in employing a valid username or email and positive identification
• Recover login details victimisation your mail id
• Recover the username/password victimisation forgot positive identification
• Email validation and Captcha is offered
• Confirmation mail are sent to the mail id
• produce a brand new account with basic data
• Username , email and positive identification and its
Check availability:
• If a price tag} is offered user will book ticket.
• Shows the trailers by victimisation YouTube video.
• The user will rate the films
• once login user will search picture show from picture show list.
• User will check price tag handiness.
Book ticket:
• User will search picture show by victimisation picture show, date, show, location, language and sophistication.
• Then choose variety of seats to book. • once choose variety of seats, choose seat numbers from seat layout. ADMIN PANEL
• Login victimisation valid username and positive identification
• modification password:
• positive identification management (Change new password)
User management:
• Add the new theatre
• Manage theatre (view, edit and delete)
• Manage user (view and delete)
• Theatre management:
Class management:
• Show management:
• Add the new show
• Manage show (view, edit and delete)
• Add the new category
• Manage category (view, edit and delete)
Movie management:
• Admin will edit previous picture show details.
• Admin will delete picture show.
• Admin will add new picture show.
Events management:
• Admin will edit previous events details.
• Admin will delete events.
• Admin will add new events.
Location management:
• Add the new location
• Manage location (view, edit and delete)
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News management:
• Add the new news
• Manage news (view, edit and delete)
Schedule management:
• Admin will delete moving picture schedule.
• Admin will add new moving picture schedule by forthcoming and current.
• Admin will edit moving picture schedule.
Report management:
• Admin will read daily report, weekly report, and monthly report.
• Admin will read counter user report.
Site settings:
• you'll be able to manage website settings and information’s
CMS management:
• Admin will manage the cms pages
• sign up check in choices.
• Get Email choices.
• Get SMS choices.
• Search possibility enabled.
• Check on obtainable package details.
• will read snaps and videos.
• Personal my account details with history.
• Reports for all reserved, cancel and come tickets.
• Fund transfer.
• Check refund standing by coming into the price tag variety.
• Coupon codes.
• Promotions codes.
• notecase offers credits.
•Refer a friends
• User notecase obtainable.
• Payment entree enabled.
• Print tickets.
• Cancel Tickets.
• Print tickets.
• Cancel Tickets.
• Check refund standing by coming into the price tag variety.
• Coupon codes.
• Promotions codes.
• notecase offers credits.
• Refer a friends
• Search possibility enabled.
• Check on obtainable package details.
• will read en-numbers of snaps and videos.
• Fill details and book it.
• Payment entree enabled. …etc.
User :
                Username : bhuvan@doditsolutions.in
                Password : 123456
                Admin :
                Username : admin
                Password : admin
                Theater Admin :
                username : bhuvan@doditsolutions.in
                password : 12345
                Username : bookticket
                Password : 123456
Email : support@doditsolutions.in
Skype ID : doditsolutions
Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.

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