Technology Used
 PHP Language
 Core PHP Framework
 MySQL Database
 Server: Any Linux Server.
Modules Included
 Coupon Clone
 Panels included for the above: User, Guest User, Wallet User, Admin, Agent, Super Admin.
Coupon Features
UNIQUE options
• client Support
• SEO Friendly Versions
• Speed optimized package
• Stand Your Business whole
• straightforward script installation
• User Friendly Script
• Dedicated Support Team
• straightforward Customization
• Login with Google/Facebook/yahoo
• Profile
• Multi-level class.
• Unlimited deal address, location, Contacts, redeem temporal arrangement, deal nearest address to seek out out the deal
• Unlimited deal image transfer.
• Unlimited deal Rate card transfer.
• Search by location and kilometer vary.
• read the speed cards of deals.
• Rate your Deals and augment cart.
• Write a review on deals
• offer feedback to the vendor.
• read the placement of the deal through Google map.
• See the similar deals in your designated town.
• Check discounts
• Payment entrance Enabled
• Check unfinished, Active, Rejected, terminated Deals.
• activate the terminated deals.
• Featured merchant deals.
• Check charge history, sell list, and reviews.
• Edit active deals.
• Search through class and subcategory listing pages.
• Search by minimum value and most value.
• Search by location and kilometer vary.
• you'll be able to Add/edit/delete payment gateways
• choice to Check Paid/Unpaid/purchased orders.
• choice to Check charge history of merchant and user.
• Check reviews.
• Coupon code generation module for admin panel, wherever we will generate some coupon code to
offer further discount for special occasions.
• marketer list — type by name, type by classes, type by town, type by expiration date, type by featured.
• Featured deal is per week basis.
• Admin should be ready to see user details (both client and marketer separately), Details embody user
id/email, previous orders.
• choice to reset client watchword.
• choice to offer and cipher some credit from merchant account.
• Complete CMS system.
• List of users/sellers.
• See user details/seller details
• Suspend users, seller
• Generate/edit coupon for discount.
• Check all unfinished, active, rejected, terminated deals,
• Approve unfinished deals /edited deals
• choice to Edit/Delete deals
• you'll be able to Add/edit/delete class subcategory.
• you'll be able to Add/edit/delete banner ad, feature ads.
User :
                Username :
                Password  : 123456
                Admin :
                Username :
                Password  : 123456
Email :
Skype ID : doditsolutions
Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.

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