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If you are planning to start an online insurance Portal successfully read this article carefully before doing anything. Certain factors need to be taken into consideration before starting an online insurance Portal.
The general insurance companies have Also, all of the general insurance companies today have an online portal. There is an option of aggregators as well where you can get the policy information of all the providers at one place, and would be helpful for your research. Although getting a policy from the company website would be a better option.
Analyze your requirement:

This is the common mistake everybody makes in the process to take their online insurance. They don’t analyze their requirement properly. Most online insurance started insurance as per their immediate requirement and they failed in the long run. Because once they started their portal they realized that their requirement is not enough for running their online insurance
Choosing the right Technology Partner
After selecting theright Model or Portal as per your requirement you need to choose Technology Partner and this is the most important step because mostly insurance agent has no idea about insurance sites so they easily trust on technology provider and fall into the trap. There is a lot of insurance provider who claimed to be the best in the market but in reality, is they have nothing.
Here are many online insurance companies, and that might make it a bit confusing to choose the right one. I have been putting my trust in Humana-one clone insurance script for years now, here are a few things you can check out to ensure that you choose a good insurance company and had good technology which shown below
Technology Used
• Web
• PHP Language
• Mysql Database

User :
                username: priyakannan
                password: 123
                Admin :
                username: admin
                password: 123
                Merchant :
                password: 123
Email :
Skype ID : doditsolutions
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