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yatra Online Reservation Script

03 July 2019

If you are planning to start an Online Travel Portal successfully read this article carefully before doing anything.  There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before starting anonline travel portal.
Analyze your requirement:
This is the common mistake everybody make in the process to take their travel business online. They don’t analyze their requirement properly. Mostly travel agents started online business as per their immediate requirement and they failed in the long run. Because once they started their portal they realized that the product they finalize or the requirement they decide are not enough for run their online travel business.
 Select the right product as per your requirement:
B2B:Stands for Business to Business this model you will distribute your products among other businesses and they sell your services to the end customer. This is the most popular online business model among Travel Agents
B2B2C: Stands for“Business to Business to Customer” it is also known as B2C Whitelable. The only difference between B2B2B and B2B2C is through this type of portal you can target direct customer instead of Travel Agents.
B2C: Stands for Business to Customer. Through this type of portal, you will able to reach direct customer this is the second most popular model among travel agents. The budget required for this type of Travel Portal is same as B2B but you will need to invest good amount in marketing, SEO, SMO and burn money in cashback and other offers. The competition is very high in B2B as there are many big players in the market and you will require huge budget to stand up in the market.
B2B2B: Stands for “Business to Business to Business” it is also known as B2B Whitelable. In this type of portal you are actually using someone’s B2B portal with your own domain and branding to target your B2B agents.
B2E: Stands for Business to Enterprises, is the newest model in the Indian travel market. Through this type of travel portal you will easily approach big corporate companies who have in-house Travel Desk or have policy where employee directly make his/her booking on Portal. B2E travel portal are completely designed for corporate and having facility of Employee Profile, Policy Management, Multi Level Approval System and many more. Since there are very less numbers of companies who provide this type of portal the cost for building such portals are very high and not affordable for small or medium level of travel agent.
Choosing the right Technology Partner
After selecting the right Model or Portal as per your requirement you need to choose Technology Partner and this is the most important step because mostly travel agent has no idea about travel technology so they easily trust on technology provider and fall into the trap. There is a lot of travel technology provider who claimed to be the best in the market but in reality is they have nothing.
Technology Provider
Web :
PHP Language
Mysql Database
Mix of Corephp and CodeIgniter Framework
In the modern marketplace, setting up and running a successful and profitable travel business is a highly challenging task. There are a number of ways to enter the travel industry. If you have a love of travel and are planning to have a career in this industry, investing in your own business is a good option.
User :

Agent :
Username : demoagent
Password  : demo123

Super Admin :
Username : demosuperadmin
Password  : demo123

Zonal Distributor :
Username : demodistributor
Password  : demo123

Zonal :
Username : demozonal
Password  : demo123

Area :
Username : demoarea
Password  : demo123

Channel :
Username : demochannel
Password  : demo123
Email :
Skype ID : doditsolutions
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