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02 August 2019

To start an online E-commerce business, start a multivendor website. The multivendor website allows many sellers to list products on your website.
Website creation
To create a website you need domain and hosting. Once you have purchased both decide on the platform in which you are going to code your website. Either hire a web designer and create a store or create a website using PHP.
List products
You don't need to have thousands of products. Approach existing sellers and ask them to list products on your website. This will help you create a website with a lot of products.
Market your website
Driving traffic to your website is one of the major factors for sales. Work on digital marketing like SEO and optimise your website.
List of all social platform
The social presence will help you generate visibility and hence more sales. Engage your audience on Facebook, insta, Twitter, YouTube etc…
Things can't happen overnight. Creating a multivendor site time and patience. Hire the right people and boost your sales
How to buy and sell websites online
Buying and selling an online website is the most trending topic in today’s time, wherein a lot of investors and entrepreneurs are looking forward to trying their luck. There are several reasons to buy and sell websites for each one. The most common reason for buying a website is due to its ability to offer a steady income at a minimal investment. Even though you are only spending more time and money on fixing your site or revamping your website, you will still keep earning from the affiliate marketing, ads and sales. The other reason why entrepreneurs opt for buying and selling of website is to enlarge their present business by adding up more e-commerce businesses to their portfolios.
How to choose a perfect E-commerce script?
A  e-commerce script is like templates which can be used as ‘plug and play’. We can customize the script according to your needs. It’s one of the best cost-effective ways to build an e-commerce platform with less effort and time. Since Ecommerce script doesn’t require additional development, it can be launched directly.
For the people those who are planning to launch an e-commerce website. We have provided an e-commerce script is one of the best script, available in the market.
Technology Used
• Web
• PHP Language
• Mysql Database

Demo url
Username :
Password : 123456
Username :
Password : 123456
Email :
Skype ID : doditsolutions
Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.
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